o   Fees are due on the 1st    of every month / term. If your child starts nursery in the middle of the term, a half – price discount will be given for that month / term only if the term half over .full price will be charged for any start date before the halfway point.

o   No refunds or discounts apply for vacation, illness or absence from the nursery, your child‘s full month‘s fee must be paid .THIS IS NON NIGOTIABLE.

For parents who pay by term but leave in between –only any full Months fee will be returned upon ONE month notice given before you leave.

Please notify the nursery if your child will be away on vacation. fees must be paid in full prior to your vacation to ensure your child ‘s place ,otherwise the child ‘s place will be lost and his name will be put on the waiting list , depending on the availability and registration fee needs to be paid again .

o   Failure to pay fees with in specified time will result in a late fee charge.

o   Fees must be paid in full per month / term, on application, prior to your child‘s start date to secure your child‘s place in nursery.

o   No refund apply to your decision to remove your child from the nursery ,or in the event of family relocation without ONE full month notice given before you leave , and fees are not transferable under any circumstances .

o   Fees are calculated to include holiday breaks, government / public holidays and unforeseen closures such as electricity works etc.

o   Please give one month notice before withdrawing your child.

o   Late pick up fee applies please call ahead to let us know if you will be late.

o   Modern Caring World Nursery reserves the right to terminate for following reasons but not limited to :


Ø  Failure to pay fees as per policy.


Ø  Lack of parental co –operation.


Ø  Failure of the child to adjust to nursery after a reasonable period of time .


Ø  Physical or verbal abuse of any person / property of  Modern Caring World Nursery

o   If a child has been approved to move classes, parents will be notified ahead of time by the class teacher and management, and the transition will be gradual.

o   If your child is not booked for 5 days, chosen days will not be swapped.

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