Modern Caring World Nursery- Curriculum and facilities:

Our main focus is to help every child to develop and feel capable and unique in an enabling environment.


Our curriculum is play – based with a focus on the following developmental areas.

1.    Social and personal development.

2.    Physical development.

3.    Language and literacy.

4.    Mathematics.

5.    Science.

6.    Creativity.

7.    Knowing and understanding of the world.


Our staff is warm and professional with a full time doctor on board.

We have colorful classrooms, with child – sized furniture and high quality toys with lots of age appropriate resources. The soft play room is safe environment for playing and having fun. The shaded outdoor area is another lovely place equipped with high quality play system for the children to play and develop their physical and social skills. The sleeping room is a relaxing haven for those who r used to or need a little nap during the day. The eating room is where your children can enjoy their breakfast and lunch in a clean and quite environment.


We also offer:

·       Kitchen fun

·       Messy Play

·       Music and Movement

·       Story time

·       English classes

·       Islamic classes

·       Arabic classes

·       Arts and crafts

·       Flied trips

·       Special visitors (Fireman, first aid trainer …..etc)

·       Special Events ( nutrition week , safety week …etc ) 



English is the main language spoken.



You need to supply

v A nutritional breakfast and lunch.


v  Water and drinks.


v Spare clothing.


v Diapers, a small towel, a container of wet wipes, and a tissue box.


We look forward to welcoming your child in our nursery.


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Our Mission

Modern Caring World Nursery Provide safe and education environment by well trained staff to our children to prepare them to school life by providing a high quality, integrated early education experiences and child care to parents in the Qatar according to the international standards.

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